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Rosehip Oil

Rosehip (Rosa Mosqueta) oil is a very valuable new ingredient in modern natural cosmetic products for its benefits on the skin regeneration: It reduces wrinkles, attenuates scars ....



Rosehip (Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa) is a forest shrub belonging to the family of Roses which grows particularly in the Andean southern part of Chile. The seeds produce an oil with a very high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

This wild rose is known by the people of Chile as "Rosa Mosqueta", and by scientists as “Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa”. Rosehip seed oil has healing and beauty properties well known by native Chileans for generations,  and recently validated by scientific researches worldwide.

Resehip (Rosa Mosqueta) oil has become a very valuable new ingredient in modern natural cosmetic skin care products for its benefits on the skin regeneration. The Rosehip seeds are collected and processed to extract pure Rosehip oil, an essential polyunsaturated fatty acids containing high concentration of vitamin C which provides remarkable tissue rejuvenating and regenerating property that helps to prevent premature skin aging. Many women and men are buying products made from the Rosehip oil for its many benefits in human beauty.

Rosehip (Rosa Mosqueta) Oil

It is the oil extracted from the seeds of a rose bush that grows wild in the south of Chile, a cool and very rainy Andean region.  The oil pressed off the Rosehip seed contains an amazing 77% of fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic). Fatty acids have very  important functions in the regeneration of skin cells and repair of damaged tissues. Over the years, Rose Hip Oil has been shown to retard the signs of premature ageing and provide excellent results in the treatment of burns, scars and unsightly spots on skin. If applied consistently during two or three months pure Rosehip (Rosa Mosqueta) oil was found to have the next benefits:

  • Reduce wrinkles and signs of premature ageing. It will also help counter the drying effects of the sun which are usually first noticed in fine wrinkles or "crows feet" around the eyes and mouth.
  • Attenuate scars (surgical and accidental) and improves the colour of same (i.e., reduces the redness or hyperpigmentation).  It also avoids the formation of the keloid type of scar (lump) which may appear after surgical procedures and helps to make less  apparent scars left by acne or chickenpox.
  • Provide excellent results in treatment of skin that has been burnt or exposed to radiotherapy.

Rose Hip Oil must be used by massaging into the affected area with fingertips until its completely absorption.

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Rosehip Oil Analysis

Rosehip oil “Fatty Acids composition”


Refined Rosehip oil

Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil

C16:0 Palmitic



C18:0 Estearic



C18:01 Oleic



C18:2 Linoleic



C18:3 Linolenic






Laboratory analysis - Santiago - Chile 11-04-2007

Rose Hip - Rosa Mosqueta - Scientific Researches:

Scarring (surgical, injury and post-burn)
Premature Ageing
During a two-year study by a team of researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Concepcion, a prestigious university in Chile, the oil was applied to 180 patients with surgical, injury and post-burn scars, as well as to a group suffering from premature ageing. It was found that Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip Oil) produced an effective regenerative action on the skin, helping to attenuate scars and wrinkles, preventing advancement of premature ageing, and regaining lost colour and tone.

Another paper was published in 1988, entitled "Contributions to Identification and Application of Active Components Contained in Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa". (Dr B Pareja, Lima, Dr Horst Kehl, Missouri). Some extracts include:

Aged Skin (Photo-ageing)
Changes produced on skin by the action of the sun, i.e. photoageing, are very common in all countries of warm climate. For this study, 20 women with surface wrinkles, brown spots on the eyelids and intensely tanned skin, aged between 25 and 35, who usually spend 3 months of summer in resorts by the beach, were assessed. All  applied rosehip oil on the face for four months. Significant changes were noted, starting during the third week. Firstly, surface wrinkles started to disappear, spots started to fade until, by the end of the last month, the disappearance was almost complete. Skin was smooth and fresh and the brown spots had almost disappeared.

Rosehip - Rosa mosqueta oil applied to surgical scars
Ten women aged between 45 and 68, who had suffered unilateral or bilateral mastectomy applied rosa mosqueta oil after the surgical stitches were removed. After washing the area with tepid water and soap and careful drying, the oil was applied by soft massage. After three months of applying the oil twice daily (morning and evening) the scars were less apparent, without lumps, and skin elasticity had improved, as had the colour of the area.

Observations were carried out for four months after the operations and the doctors indicated that the skin conditions were improving considerably, allowing implantation of prosthesis or plastic surgery in far better conditions that with patients who had not been treated.

Doctors at the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Seville have used Rosehip - Rosa Mosqueta, in conjunction with other therapies, to treat post-operative scarring, both from surgery and laser treatment. Over a period of around six months� use, the results have been excellent in over 90% of the cases. With acne scars the results are equally encouraging, even where scarring is over 20 years old. (Do not use oil if acne is still active.)

Skin burns
In a study of 90 patients who had suffered burns, a four-month treatment of Rose hip - Rosa Mosqueta oil resulted in 97% improvement in relation to their initial state. J. F. Oliver, Fats & Oils Journal No. 25 Dec 1996

Dr Leonardo Rusowsky, surgeon at Enrique Deformes Hospital in Santiago, Chile, and acting president of the Corporation for Aid to Children with Burns is currently researching the healing properties of Rose hip - Rosa Mosqueta oil and has stated that it improves the texture and quality of skin by increasing its elasticity, and flattens out scarring and improves the colour of scars and surrounding skin.

Dr Hans Harbst, Head of Radiology for the Chilean Air Force and Oncologist at Indisa Clinic in Santiago, said:

"As a radiotherapist, I have worked with several patients that have been operated and, therefore, have scars. Also, the radiation to which they are exposed may produce secondary effects on the skin such as inflammations, darkening and dermatitis. These effects are, in most cases, unavoidable because in the same way that a surgeon leaves a scar when he or she operates, a radiotherapist leaves a mark on the radiated areas, which are not injuries as such but skin reactions. "

He continued, "This means a problem for the patient, especially when he or she are left with marks in areas exposed to view like the face, head or neck. I have applied Rosehip Oil (Rosa Mosqueta) on all types of skin. Rosehip Oil acts on scars reducing hyper-pigmentation, flattening hypertrophia (bulky scars) and loosening up fibrous chords. All these effects end up in a nearly complete attenuation of scars."

To date, Rose hip - Rosa Mosqueta oil has helped in the recovery of thousands of burn victims and is currently being used by several teams of plastic surgeons in the treatment of scars.


  1. I like to try rosa muquata but not sure if the oil from flowers skin or seed is the real rosa musquata.My daughter used for her scars and it disappeared but I it had onlty rosa musquata in it as ingredient .L´Action was the brand.Is this the same?I don´t want from flower etc.I think it also needs to be from peru somewhere?As I used just rosehip oil for 6 months and nothing happened like to know if there is a difference?

    Me gusta la el jabón de Rosa mosqueta y el aceite porque pone la piel suave elastisada
  2. Have fallen off my push bike and have several scabby bits can I put pure Chilean rose hip seed oil onto the scabs or wait until the scabs drop off before applying?

  3. Could l use rosa mosqueta in brown spot and for how long l will see the result? Thank you

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