Olive Oil: benefits for skin




Healthy skin is easily achievable with olive oil. Olive oil has been used for various purposes from the earlier days even in Egyptian civilization. Apart from cooking purposes, olive oil is used for personal care improvement and many more. There are various olive oil benefits related to the skin care. It plays an important role in acne therapy, stretch mark treatment, and also in anti-aging treatments. Olive oil comes in various forms in the market and one of them is cold-pressed olive oil. This type is relatively high in cost because of the following feature. This form of olive oil is the purest since it is obtained from the first press of olives. It can enhance the appearance of your skin to a great extent. Lets us discuss some of the important olive oil benefits.


Vitamin A and Vitamin E are the major components in this oil. They are many types of anti-oxidants available in this oil and the most essential component is hydroxytyrosol. This is an important antioxidant which prevents the formation of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are nothing but unpaired electrons. These free radicals are the main cause for aging in all organisms. These can cause damage to cells; thereby the skin starts to look older even in early age. The useful compounds in olive oil can go deeper in to the cells and moisturize them regularly. This is the reason for why olive oil has got a significant place in anti-inflammatory products. These are some olive oil benefits.


You can say that moisturizer is the major thing that you skin needs often. This is because moisturize can make your skin stay away from dry skin. Dry skin is a common problem among the people and it causes many troubles like dry scales formation, chaps in the skin, etc. with proper use of  olive oil, you can keep your skin moisture and humid. There is various skin care products are available in the market which are made of some chemical components. These products are harmful to use and many times go in the opposite way from what they are intended to do. But you can get natural benefits from olive oil. It is completely free from any harm and side effects to your body and skin. With deep moisturizing, you can get lots of olive oil benefits.


Olive oil is very easy to use in your skin. You can follow these simple steps to use olive oil. As the first step, you should keep your face clean. So, wash the face with cold water and keep it clean. And in the second step, apply olive oil in your face before you go to bed at nights. Along with olive oil, you can mix honey to form a moisturizing face pack. When you apply this mixture, then the next day, you face looks shiny, and bright. These are the steps for glowing skin tips.


Elimination of dead scales and pores from the skin is one of the olive oil benefits. Thereby, it softens your skin. Dead cells and coagulated pores are the main cause for acne in your face. With the help of olive oil, you can easily get rid of the acnes and some other skin problems in your face.


  1. I started using Olive Oil a year ago and it has really helped my skin. I used to use just cooking Olive Oil - but it stained my pillows and clothes! I now just use the Olive Night Creme from Made from Earth at night - and it works even better. You can actually feel the real olive oil and olive butter in the creme - and it doesnt stain my clothes or pillows!

  2. Can i use this olive oil on my whole body as well coz my body has dark spots i cant even show my legs

  3. I use olive oil on my face and is very amezing

  4. shall we apply olive oil on face at whole night?

    Can I use olive oil on face for whole night??. Actually I m using it . But from 2 days I m having small pimples on my face. Is it becoz of olive oil??
  5. I´m glad to read this blog about olive oil, I had a very dry skin and it is also itchy, I consulted many dermatologist but it will be good for just few months but again it will come back, my skin especially my hand becomes very old and dry but I will try to use olive oil as my regular moisturizer, I hope this will work in my skin problem


  7. can we apply olive oil directly o the face at night as a moisturizaer

    can I apply olive oil directly o the face at night as a moisturizaer
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