Aleppo soap, olive & bay leaf oil from Syria

jabon de alepo

Aleppo Soap

This special soap is made by hand with traditional methods in the ancient town of Aleppo (in northern Syria).  It is made from the combination of olive and laurel (bay leaf) oil. Its rich soft lather will leave your skin feeling nourished, clean and revitalised.


Aleppo soap is made of two fundamental ingredients: olive oil and laurel(bay leaf) oil, their combination determines the property and the quality of the final Aleppo soap. Generally the higher the quantity of laurel oil, the better and the more expensive the soap. The proportion of laurel oil, in the manufacturing of Aleppo soap, normally ranges from 2% to 40%.


laurelLaurel Oil: Bay leaf is the aromatic leaf of several species of the Laurel family (Lauraceae). Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavour and fragrance. Ancient Greeks and Romans crowned victors with wreaths of laurel. The term "baccalaureate," meaning laurel berry, refers to the ancient practice of honouring scholars and poets with garlands from the bay laurel tree.



jabon olivo

Olive Oil: comes from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. Olive oil is unlikely to cause allergic reactions, and as such is used in preparations for lipophilic drug ingredients. It does have demulcent properties, and mild laxative properties, acting as a stool softener.


Aleppo Soap – making process

Aleppo soap is made in the cauldron then dried for several months in large blocks. These blocks are cut into pieces by hand in the ancient town of Aleppo – North of Syria – by traditional methods, without any artificial flavour and colouring. Its final colour comes directly from the proportion of laurel oil. Syrians have made this soap for more than 2000 years. Aleppo soap is one of the most prestigious soaps in the world by its quality. It can be considered the father of many modern soaps like : Marseille soap, Italian soaps and other Mediterranean soaps.

The techniques of the elaboration of this soap came to Europe through the crusaders, in the XII century, and it has been adapted to produce the variations of this wonderful soap in Europe. However, the ancient method has remained in the city of Aleppo.


Buy Aleppo Soap
There are several types of Aleppo soaps on the market, including solid soaps (in bars, cubes) and liquid Aleppo soaps. Normally all of them are imported from Syria. The quality and colour of this soap normally depends on the quantity of laurel oil. It could range from a pale yellow soap, for small quantities of laurel oil, to brown for those with the highest content.

We offer solid Aleppo soaps , made in Syria, in cubes of 220gr. from 5% laurel oil content up to 30%. Most of them have quantity discounts (pack of 4 Aleppo soaps). 


  1. Aleppo soap is wonderful, I have tried so many different soaps supposedly designed for my dry and sensitive skin. Many of them have caused me problems. Aleppo is the one that I always use now as it does not dry my skin and it never causes me any irritation. Thank you. Warmest regards, Jane.:))

  2. I have to cut a huge organic bay leaf tree in my garden and I am hoping to sell or give away the bay leaves as it would be a shame to waste. Please let me know if your company is interested.

  3. please how longe should be the oil and lye Mix coocked on heater. thanks

  4. I love your beautiful soap and hope you can make it in Syria again soon. 2000 years is an amazing period of time and continuity.

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