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does maca make gain weight ?  Charlotte the 02/01/2009
Hello, I would like to know if maca would make me gain weight. I've heard that it could make gain weight, specially maca powder, is that right?
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Maca (powder or capsules) are unlikely to cause weight gain, there are no reported side effects relating to weight gain. It is wrongly supposed that products giving energy and vitality cause gain weight, but this is not the case with maca.(provided a recommended consumption 5 - 10gr. of maca powder or 3-6 capsules).

Some consumers like to consume big quantities of maca powder and as maca has a proportion of carbohydrates in its internal composition, this could make gain weight but as well as eating two much of any other aliment.  This Andean root cause to increase your energy and vitality and not to gain weight.

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 I am a male .Been using it for a year now with exceptional  results .It does all that is claimed it should do. I take only 500mg a day that is plenty no more .Some days, I skip, if I feel too much energy.However, I have gained 15 lbs dispite all the extra energy.I have never gained weight. I am Physical education teacher.Is there another form of maca not power?
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