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Tocosh powder 150g

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Before the invention of the penicillin, the Incas were possessing a remedy with which they were facing to the infections and were strengthening his organism, the tocosh. The fermentation of this potatoe was generating a bacteria that was increasing the immunity of the body.
From the age of the Incas, in the towns they were making ferment the potatoes in water for months. This procedure has followed realizing in many towns of the Andes of Peru, with the potatoes already fermented they elaborate a flour with which they are realize sweets and very nourishing plates, all of them with probiotics characteristics. This natural product it is known with the name of Tocosh. The Incas were thinking that the food was a gift of his Apu (God).
These probiotics are recommended for people having gastritis and infections of the gastrointestinal system. Also in the respiratory infections or to replenish the body after a hard wear of the inmune system.
The probiotics help to regulate the intestinal flora and it is a source of regulation of the immunological system.
Instructions for use
We recommend to consume a spoon per day, mixed with juice, milk or yogurt. Preferably in the mornings.

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