Codigo: 310005     Peso: 135 gr.

Natural pumice stone 130gr

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Pumice stone is is a magmatic vitrous and very porous volcanic rock with low density, that can be found mostly in Puzzoli, Italy.  It is generally dark gray. Pumice is cold-, fire- and weatherproof and free from water soluble salts.

Medium sized natural pumice stone (about 130g).

Use and characteristics :

Removes rough spots and calluses from foot soles and elbows easily. Recommended use: every 7 to 10 days.
Should be used on wet skin, if at all possible, try to soak feet or elbows before use, so that skin is soft. After use, apply hydrating cream.


Pumice Stones are not suitable for the rest of the body because they may irritate or hurt other body parts.

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