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Propolis Lozenges 500 g - PROMO

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Propolis lozenges or candies soothe and relieve itching throats caused by infections and irritations. It also helps to fight bad breath and treat oral problems.

Our Propolis lozenges are very useful for people who work a lot with their voices such as singers, teachers, business men and public service officers due to the stress placed on the throat and vocal cords in these professions.

They contain no sugar or gluten, so they are suitable for both diabetics and gluten-free diets.

Ingredients of Propolis lozenges: maltitol syrup (sweetener made from maltose obtained from starch), pure Propolis (1.5%) and essential oil of lemon. Sugarless candy and gluten free.

For bad breath, mouth and throat irritations. Take several lozenges daily.

Presentation: Bag of 500g.

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