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Oolong tea, 100gr

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Oolong tea (also known as blue tea or "Wu long", "Red Dragon" in Chinese), is one of the most charismatical and special tea’s in the world. It’s a semi-fermented tea, that means it is less fermented than black tea and it has a moderate caffeine content, with a flavor somewhere between green and black tea.
Aside from its excellent flavor, which is a lot softer than “bitter” green tea, blue tea also boosts our immunological system. It reduces cholesterol levels. In China, it is often used as part of slimming diets, since it is an excellent fat reducer.

Protects against infections. In the Far East, this tea has traditionally been served to detox, to fight ageing and because of its bacteriostatic properties, just like red tea. Oolong tea is a highly fermented tea; therefore it contains more antioxidants and less catechins and a high content of teaflavins and tearubigens.
Even though this variety is not well known outside of China, where it is almost exclusively drunk in the South East, the word about its benefits is rapidly spreading. It is considered to be the most digestive and purifying tea, and, according to experts, its flavor is a perfect mixture between the sweetness of green tea and the bitterness of black tea. It contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals and it is believed to be slimming (due to its high amount of iodine), laxative and it helps to calcium to adhere to the bones. Oolong infusions are also used in the cosmetic industry, in anti-cellulite treatments.

Add 1 large teaspoon to boiling or very hot water, let rest for a short or longer while, depending on how intense you want the tea to be. 2 to 5 minutes should be enough.
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