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USB salt lamp (natural)

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Enjoy the benefits of salt lamps in your work area. This Himalayan USB salt lamp is a natural ionizator; it absorbs the excess of electromagnetic waves emitted by radios, TV and computers.

When your LED bulb is turned on in interiors, it will gradually change colour to cover all of the shades of the basic colours, emitting negative ions which are beneficial to the human being. It really improves the quality of air, eliminating computer-generated pollution. It also provides a great aesthetic beauty and a friendly and welcoming light.

Approximate size: height of 10 to 12cm.

Our natural salt lamps are made from salt crystal rocks formed over millions of years in the Himalayas. The salt lamps are crafted by hand to retain the unique, beautiful natural shape of the rock. The natural crystal has hydroscopic properties which help naturally ionize the room they are placed in.
When the led light inside is lit, the lamp emits negative ions beneficial to human beings, apart from shedding a warm light with a reddish hue. The quality of the air improves because it neutralizes the contamination produced by the computer. Our Himalayan lamps are also very pleasant and beautiful.

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