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Mother of Pearl Cream (concha nacar) 50gr - SPECIAL PRICE

Mother of Pearl Cream (concha nacar) 50gr - SPECIAL PRICE
Owing to the great demand, this product is out of stock now.
Please try an equivalent product or wait until the next replacement (about 1 week).
Cod: 250003 Weight: 165 gr.
$ 11,88

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Pack 2 $ 42.50
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Now: 9,5 € (Before: 19,00 €)
Consume before 01/2015

Mother of pearl cream is one of the most powerful natural creams. It provides the nutrients necessary to maintain your skin young and healthy, stimulating the regeneration of the skin´s dead cells and helping to recover its elasticity and luminosity.

Amazonas mother of pearl cream (also known as crema de concha nacar) is made from the powder obtained by crushing the sea shells (rich in nacre and Conchiolin), this last element is a protein that helps to exfoliate the layers of the dead skin. Mother of pearl cream whitens and brightens the skin, getting rid of spots and wrinkles.

Directions of use: clean the skin area with a soft soap and apply Amazonas mother of pearl cream every evening on your face and surfaces to be treated. Let it work until next morning and rince softly with warm water. If you wish you can use the cream three times a day, mother of pearl cream can be used by any type of skin. 

Indigenous pre-Columbian people used nacre powder from crushed shells combined with lemon juice as a remedy to treat blemishes, scars, acne and to care their skin. Because of this fact scientists decided to study the properties of the nacre and that´s how they discovered that its powder had that benefits for the care of the skin.

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    Comments : Mother of Pearl Cream (concha nacar) 50gr - SPECIAL PRICE

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