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Lavender Soap 100g - PROMO

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Handmade Soap Lavender has relaxing properties. Very appropriate for the bath or shower before bedtime. Also this natural soap is ideal for hands. Soothes and protects the skin and the lavender oil helps repair cracked skin. Lavender handmade soap can be used to clean the face and skin leaving it smooth and toned.

The soap appears very smooth, creamy and is delicately scented. It´s great for the whole family and daily use.

This soap is manufactured in cold conditions, cut into bars using a traditional way to preserve all the natural properties. Possible variation: + /-10g.

Lavender Properties
Lavender is a plant bushy semi-evergreen, very aromatic and varies in color from green to silvery gray. It has thick, woody stems. The flowers are fragrant and are shaped like bluish purple spikes. They are seen between the spring and summer, at the time of flowering.
Lavender is a plant known for its aromatic and healing properties since ancient times. It is used to relieve headaches, relaxing baths, as an antiseptic and to soothe and heal the skin (soothes chapped hands and feet).
Its active ingredient is the most important essential oil. It is characterized by its exquisite smell and sedative properties. One of the most used and versatile oils.
Lavender essential oil is used to treat insomnia, depression, impatience, stress and anxiety. Unlike most essential oils can be used directly on the skin undiluted. It is very concentrated and only a few drops are sufficient.
Lavender essential oil is very valuable and is widely used in the creation of perfumes, cosmetics, perfume for soaps and bath products.

INCI: Olea europea oil, cocos nucífera oil, aqua, eleaeis guineensis oil, sodium hydróxide, vitis vinifera seed oil, lavandula officinalis oil.CI42051.

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