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Tigernut oil 250ml (extra virgin)

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Extra virgin Tigernut oil is a top quality and purity gourmet oil, in which only top quality tigernuts are used. It is perfect to season a great variety of dishes, such as salads, meat and fish. Due to its high content of vitamin E, it is a very healthy product with a unique flavor, and a perfect complement to our gastronomy.

Extra virgin Tigernut oil is made with nuts from the best fields of Valencia. The extra virgin variety is of incomparable and impecable quality. It presents many health benefits. This is confirmed by the best experts in gastronomy, food and nutrition. It is also one of the most exclusive and refined culinary ingredients, ideal to season a great variety of dishes. It’s exclusivity makes it a little gem in the kitchen.

Our extra virgin Tigernut oil has an incomparable and exclusive flavor.

Extra virgin tigernut oil has many uses. It is most useful in the kitchen, where it can be used raw in salads or other dishes such as pastas, tapas or appetizers. Its peculiar flavor adds a touch of originality. Tigernut oil is also an excellent choice for fried food, because it is more resistant to chemical degradation than other oils. Chemical degradation is caused by high temperatures. Therefore, your food will not be impregnated with oil, because a barrier forms at boiling point, which shields the surface of the food, which prevents the oil from penetrating inside.
Tigernut oil is rich in oleic acid. Reseach has shown that it reduces levels of LDL-type colesterol, or “bad cholesterol” and increases the HDL-levels of “good cholesterol ”.

Tigernut oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which acts as a powerful antioxidant with well-known benefits for the body. Vitamin E makes skin more elastic, soothes wrinkles and prevents different types of illnesses. Because the oil is cold pressed, it conserves all the nourishing properties, vitamins and minerals from the tigernut.

That’s why the cosmetics industry incorporates the oil in several formula’s, for dry and damaged hair for instance, which benefit from shampoo, conditioners and masks made with this type of oil, for immediate revitalization.

Due to its high content of oleic acid and vitamin E, this oil is highly recommended for pregnant women, children, elderly people and anyone following a special diet.

Bottle x 250ml.

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