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Evening Primrose Oil Capsules (100)

Evening Primrose Oil Capsules (100)
Cod: 164001 Weight: 96 gr.
$ 10,78
Buy Evening Primrose Oil Capsules (100)

Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil capsules. Each capsule contains 500mg of cold pressed evening primrose oil and 15mg of natural vitamin E. Our Evening primrose oil contains linoleic acid 74% and 10% gamma linolenic acid (GLA).

Evening primrose oil is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are called essential because our bodies can not produce it themselves, and must therefore be consumed from external sources.

How to use: It is recommended to consume 3-6  capsules of evening primrose oil with a glass of water or juice per day.

Presentation: Bottle with 100 capsules of evening primrose oil (evening primrose oil 500mg + 15mg natural vitamin E).

Warnings: Keep the capsules of evening primrose oil in a cool, dry place and protected from light. Keep out of reach of children. It is recommended not to exceed the maximum recommended dose and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of a flower, also known as evening primrose, native to North America and England. It belongs to the order of mirtifloráceas, onagráceas family, the genus Oenotherae, and used two types: Oenothera biennis and Oenothera lamarkiana. The evening primrose plant and its seeds have been used by American Indians for centuries They also used the plant as a tea in hot water to heal wounds, skin problems and other ailments.

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