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Dead Sea Salt 400gr

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Dead Sea salt has a high concentration of minerals that provides many nutritional and medicinal properties. It is Mainly used in hydrotherapy as it nourishes the skin, aids the respiratory system and promotes relaxation.

Since ancient times, the importance of Dead Sea minerals and black mud has been recognized. In the year 34 BCE Queen Cleopatra of Egypt called on Marc Anthonythe conquerthe lower regions of Jordan, to exploit and utilize natural minerals that were precious for their beauty treatments.

Dead Sea Salt has numerous medicinal mineral properties. The interesting thing about these salts is that they are not ingested, but used through hydrotherapy.

Recommended Use

Dilute the Dead Sea Salts in  slightly warm water at a comfortable temperature and immerse the complete body of the treated area for 20 minutes (bath tub, hands, feet, elbows, to prepare packs, etc.), thereby receiving benefits through the pores of the skin and airways.

In the Dead Sea water, for example, the concentration of magnesium, known for its anti-allergic effect on skin and bronchioles is fifteen times higher than in the ocean.

As for the percentage of Bromine, which has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, it is fifty times higherwhich is important for the functioning of  glands. This is ten times higher than in other seas.

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