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Ceylan black tea 100 g - PROMO

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Black tea is one of the varieties most consumed in the world. It is an oxidized tea, with an agreeable flavor and a slight orange color. A natural source of satiating and digestive antioxidants.  Fluoride, present in black tea, strengthens teeth enamel and prevents cavities.  

As an antioxidant, like other varieties of tea, black tea has a large concentration of polyphenol which defends against free radicals and helps combat aging and cardiovascular problems. 

It is an effective astringent due to its high concentration of tannin, giving it a bitter flavor. This drink is ideal to combat diarrhea or gastritis. 

An effective diuretic which helps eliminate liquid from the body. 

Black tea is a stimulant. It contains active substances which affect the central nervous system. Because of this, it is good for breakfast. For the same reason, it is not recommended to drink late at night, nor in people sensitive to theine. 

Add one teaspoon to very hot, boiling water. Let it sit for six minutes. 

100 g bag.


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