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Nori seaweed BIO (Porphyra umbilicalis) 100gr.

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Nori seaweed is one of the most famous kelps, because it is used to prepare sushi. From all the marine seaweeds, it contains the most provitamin A, which strengthens hair and nails.

Nori also helps to lower cholesterol and to eliminate heavy metals in the bloodstream. As is the case with other marine kelps, the Nori kelp contains large quantities of iodine, which is essential in the treatment of gout and goiter. This kelp also contains a high amount of vitamins B, proteins, iron, potassium and calcium.

Nori is a small, pleated seaweed. In Japan, where it is cultivated, it is ground and pressed into strips. In Galicia the kelps grow wild at low tide. Then they are ground into flakes. The kelp have an intense flavor, it can be eaten raw or slightly grilled, and sprinkled over any hearty dish. Nori is rich in proteins, vitamin A and vitamin B12.


-Raw: Soak 20 min and add to salads.

-Grilled: Do not soak; grill 2 min in the oven or sauté. Sprinkle on salads, soup, rice, couscous, vegetables, etc.
-Cooked or steamed: 15 min with potatoes, rice or vegetables.
-Sautéed: in omelets, croquettes, pasta, eggs, vegetables, (chick) peas...
-In the oven: as an ingredient in filings for gratins, cannelloni, lasagna...

100 g = 10 portions (as a side-dish)

Composition per 100 g:

Proteins: 6,9%, Fat: 1,1%, Carbohydrates: 52,1%, Fibers: 34,7%, Potassium: 4330 mg, Calcium: 810 mg, Magnesium: 715 mg, Phosphor: 165 mg, Iron: 16,5 mg, Iodine: 15,9 mg, Vitamin A: 0,04 mg, Vit B 12: 0,3 mg, Vit C: 0,35 mg

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