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Cat´s claw Bark, BIO 150g - PROMO

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For centuries the cat’s claw bark has been used by the Indians of the Amazonian zone to attack infections, to heal wounds and to relieve articular pains.
The traditional way of using the cat’s claw has been always the decoction. Now we also can use this method thanks to the Inkanat biological bark.
The bark of cat’s claw is a source of alkaloids that help us to preserve the health. This plant contains alkaloids, glucoacids, phenolics, healings, antacids, and the active inredients contains indole alkaloids, quinovic acid glycosides and triterpene polyhydroxylated.
Certified organic bark.
It must not be consumed by children under 12 years of age and pregnant women or during the lactation.
Instructions for use
To cook on low heat from 5 to 10 minutes 20g of cat´s claw bark in a liter of water. It is drunk during the day

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