Codigo: 321002     Peso: 145 gr.

Alum deodorant (natural deodorant)

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This natural alum deodorant is an alternative and ecologic way to deodorise your armpits and body without using chemicals and alcohol. Alum deodorant has natural astringent properties thanks to the minerals salts contained in the natural potassium alum crystal.

Deodorant made of alum stone (120gr.) to use daily as a roll-on deodorant. Alum stone have been used for hundreds of years for its property to fight the skin´s bacteria and unpleasant odours.

How to use alum deodorant: wet your alum deodorant and roll it on the part of the body that you want to treat. An invisible film of mineral is then deposited on the skin then this will tight the pores, regulating sweat and preventing the development of bacteria responsible for the formation of odours.

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Change language alaun Deo (natürliches Deodorant) Deodorante allume (deodorante naturale) Déodorant d´alun (déodorant naturel) Aluinsteen deodorant (natuurlijke deo) Desodorante de alumbre (desodorante natural) Desodorante de Alumbre (Desodorante Natural)