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Activated charcoal , 60 capsules 250mg - PROMO

Activated charcoal , 60 capsules 250mg - PROMO
Cod: 165012 Weight: 46 gr.
$ 7,48
Buy Activated charcoal , 60 capsules 250mg - PROMO


Now: 6.50 €
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Consume before 30/11/2020

Activated charcoal is a powerful adsorbent and is therefore often used to treat gas problems and intoxications.

Activated charcoal from coconut peels is usually submitted to a special preparation after its carbonization, to heighten its porosity. This serves one sole purpose: to enhance its adsorption power.

Activated charcoal is well tolerated by the digestive system. It absorbs and eliminates everything that is not desirable for a healthy system (food additives, residues from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, toxic bacteria from fish and other foods).

It is used to neutralize gas and flatulence, and alleviates certain troubles caused by gas and the digestive process.

Properties of Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has a positive effect on (excessive) flatulence because of a double process: it not only absorbs gases but also the bacteria that cause gas.
It is also useful to treat disorders in the digestive system, which are often due to bad eating habits (excessive sugar, alcohol, fat, fried food, etc.). Activated charcoal helps to alleviate symptoms of abdominal pain, cramps, burning, gas, belching, bloating, etc.

Activated charcoal also neutralizes bad breath due to strong bowel fermentation.

Charcoal is a cleansing agent that i sable to adsorb orally ingested poisons, and can therefore be helpful in case of drug overdose. Naturally, in this case the charcoal should be administered ONLY by health professionals.

Activated charcoal does not act directly on the system and therefore no side effects have been observed. Please note: It may inhibit the effectiveness of orally taken medicine.

Use of activated charcoal
In order to enjoy its full therapeutic effect, this product should be taken with plenty of water and NOT during meals.
Because of its effect on gases, it is usually taken after meals.

It is better to avoid the intake with coffee, alcohol or tea because these products may inhibit its effectiveness.

Dosage: Take 1 to 3 capsules per day, 1 capsule for every meal.

Presentation: 60 Capsules x 250mg.


Not a substitute for a varied and healthy diet.
Not a drug, or substitute to your usual treatment.


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Comments : Activated charcoal , 60 capsules 250mg - PROMO

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