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Maca Powder Premium, bag 200gr.

Maca Powder Premium, bag 200gr.
Cod: 162131 Weight: 210 gr.
$ 11,40
Buy Maca Powder Premium, bag 200gr.

Best price by packs:
Pack 3 $ 30.00

Maca powder extracted under a special process called gelatinization, (bag of 200gr.- 7oz.). Our premium maca powder is specially treated for its best assimilation, concentrating all the active ingredients and improving its dissolution.

Maca, the Peruvian miracle, has been consumed since the Inca`s period. It is used for:

INTAKE ADVISE: The recommended dose is from 5 to 10 gr. (1 - 2 teaspoon) of maca premium powder daily. You can mix it with your milk, juices or your daily drink. 


  • Energy: maca is a natural source of energy. It increases vitality and gives extra energy. (useful for sport, workers and for treating fatigue).
  • Nutrition: maca root has a high nutritional profile (natural source of vitamins, minerals, proteins).
  • Fertility: It was proven by some scientific researches the positive effects of maca (capsules or powder) to treat fertility problems (specially spermatic fertility problems). Read more.
  • Menopause: maca is also consumed by women to ease the symptoms of menopause, (peri to post thanks to its high concentration of calcium). 

Maca is a radish-like root that grows high in the mountains of more about maca

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    Comments : Maca Powder Premium, bag 200gr.

    1 Maca powder: I would like to know what´s the difference between normal and premium maca powder.

    2 Premium maca powder is a special powder that has undergone a special process called "Gelatinization". This process (made to normal maca powder) removes most of the starch content from the maca powder in order to improve assimilation, make it easier to digest, and concentrate the active ingredients within. This process is widely used to the maca powder to improve its characteristics.

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