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 maca capsules

Maca capsules - 100caps MACA VITAE®
Maca capsules - 360caps MACA VITAE®
Red maca capsules, 100x500mg BIO
Black maca capsules 100x500mg BIO

   maca powder

Black Maca powder BIO 150g
Maca powder Premium BIO (KG)
Maca Powder Premium, bag 200gr.
Red Maca Powder, 200gr
Raw maca powder, 200 g bag

 other maca products

Macamix 340gr. non sugar
Chocolate Macamix
BIO Energyx (150 g)
Liquid maca extract (10:1 concentration)

 Amazonian oils and resins

Dragon´s Blood INKANAT 40ml (sangre drago)
Copaiba oil INKANAT, 40ml
Babassu oil, BIO (100ml)
Buriti Oil 30ml (aguaje)

   Rosehip oil

Cold-pressed Rosehip oil 100ml.
cold-pressed Rosehip oil 500ml.
cold-pressed Rosehip oil, LITRE
Hydrating Rosehip Body Milk 250ml.
Rosehip seed Facial exfoliant 75ml.

 Argan oil

Argan Oil (30ml.)
Argan oil 100ml - BIO
Argan oil 500ml.
Argan oil, LITER

   Carrier oils

Sweet almond oil 250ml
Jojoba oil 100ml
Sweet almond oil, 1 LITRE
Coconut oil 500ml (cold-pressed)
Sweet almond oil, 5 LITRES

 food-quality Oils

Sunflower oil BIO 500ml
Sacha Inchi Oil 200ml. (Extra virgin)
Tigernut oil 250ml (extra virgin)
Wheat Germ Oil 250 ml - PROMO

   other oils

Seaweed Oil (100 mL)
Witch-Hazel Water 250ml.
Tahiti Monoi Oil 125ml BIO
Neem Oil 100ml (virgin)
Hemp seed oil BIO (Cannabis sativa) 50 ml

 Snail slime collection

Snail Cream (terra Amazonas™) 50g
Snail soap 200mg

   Natural creams

Snake Venom Cream (50g) - PROMO
Shea Butter 220ml (karite butter)
Mother of Pearl Cream (concha nacar) 50gr
Shea Butter 1000ml.
Rosehip facial cream 50ml.

 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Gel 250ml
Aloe vera+rosehip oil gel, 250ml

   Other cosmetics

Henna Powder 100g
Volcanic Clay (Ghassoul) 100g
Dead Sea Mud 300gr
Orange blossom water 200 ml
Red clay powder, 100 gr

 Handmade soaps

Soap of Mother of Pearl (80g)
Aleppo soap 200g (basic or 4% laurel oil)
Aleppo soap (20% laurel oil)
Rosehip oil soap (100gr)
Aleppo soap (30% laurel oil)


Natural Sea Sponge
Kessa Glove
Natural pumice stone 130gr
terracotta foot scrubber (clay exfoliator)
Loofah glove


Liquid Alum Deodorant
Alum deodorant (natural deodorant)
Alum stone (polished)

   Bath Salts

Dead Sea Salt 400gr
Magnesium Bath Salt 4kg
Magnesium bath salt 500gr
Andean Salt 1kg
Himalayan bath salt, 1kg

 Holy wood (Palo santo)

Palo Santo cones (10uts)
Palo Santo (holy stick) 100gr
Palo Santo Essential Oil 10 ml

   Essential oils

Essential oil of Camphor 10ml
TEA TREE essential oil, 15ml
LAVENDER essential oil, 15ml
YLANG YLANG essential oil 15ml
BERGAMOT essential oil, 15ml

 Salt lamps

Selenite Lamp 20cm
USB salt lamp (natural)
Natural Salt Lamp (small 2-3Kg)
Pyramid Salt Lamp
Natural shape salt candleholder

   Solidarity proyects

Solidarity Keychain (Made With Aguaje Seed)

 Cereals and grains

Grains of Amaranth BIO 500g
Amazonian Cocoa Nibs BIO (200g)
Psyllium powder BIO 200g
Sesame Seeds BIO 250g (Raw)
Golden Flaxseed (linseed) BIO 500g

   Superfoods powder

Guarana powder BIO 100g
Flour of Carob BIO 250g
Red Beet powder BIO 200g
Acai Powder BIO 125g
Chaga Mushroom powder BIO 125g

 Honey, Jellies and Propolis

Manuka honey 5umf 250g
Royal jelly ampoules, 1500 mg
Propolis Lozenges 500 g
Propolis Spray
Propolis Tincture (20ml)

   Natural sweeteners

Liquid Stevia 60ml
Yacon Syrup, BIO 130ml
Stevia Powder, 62g - PROMO
Coconut sugar BIO 250g
Stevia tablets 250units


Aloe Vera drink (juice bio) 1lt.
Organic Noni Juice 1L

   Tea and Infusions

Damiana Tea 100g
Yogi Tea 100gr.
Yerba Mate 250gr.
Ceylan black tea 100 g
Rooibos Tea, 250 g - PROMO


Sea Spaghetti BIO 100gr
Agar agar BIO (Gelidium sesquipedale), 50gr
Dulse Bio kelp (Palmaria palmata),100 g
Nori seaweed BIO (Porphyra umbilicalis) 100gr.
Wakame seaweed BIO (Undaria pinnatifida) 100gr

 Andean and Amazonian

Cat´s claw Bark, BIO 200g
Acai berry capsules 100x500mg
Guarana Capsules (50x600mg) - SPECIAL OFFER
Graviola capsules INKANAT (100x500mg)
Camu Camu capsules 100x500mg

   Circulatory System

Ginkgo Biloba capsules (100 x 500mg)
Hawthorn capsules 60x400mg
Hawthorn, Garlic and Olive capsules 120x500mg
Coenzyme Q10 capsules, 30 x 30mg
Soy lecithin capsules, 200 x 1200 mg

 Digestive System

Epsom Salt, 300 gr
Ginger (60 caps. - 400mg.)
Artichoke capsules 60x350 mg
Activated charcoal , 60 capsules 250mg.
Acidophilus in capsules (90 caps.-400mg.)

   Oseo Muscular System

Boldo capsules (60 caps. - 350mg.)
Devil´s Claw capsules 60x300 mg (Harpagophytum)
Noni capsules (60x400mg)

 Omega 3,6, 9

Salmon Oil EPA and DHA
Wheat germ oil, 60 capsules x 500mg
Chia oil capsules (100x500mg)
Borage oil capsules (starflower) 100 x 500mg.
Evening Primrose Oil Capsules (100)

   Diet Aides

Seeds of Poppy BIO 150g
Coconut oil capsules 500mg
African Mango Complex 100 Capsules
Green Coffee Capsules 60x200mg
Opuntia capsules (90 caps. - 500mg.)

 Immune System

Echinacea capsules (60x300mg)
Shiitake capsules 90x350mg
Reishi capsules (90x400mg)

   Renal System

Horsetail capsules (100 x 500mg)
Cranberry capsules (60x200 mg)


Tribulus capsules 90x500mg
St John´s wort capsules, 60 x 300 mg
Valerian capsules 60x400mg
Sage capsules 60x300mg
Melatonin 1 mg, 60 tablets


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Macamix 340gr. non sugar

Improved formula, now with more Maca BIO. New parking The MACAMIX is a delicious "prepared food " based on
$ 14,16
Buy Macamix 340gr. non sugar
New Products

Canary Seed Powder 200g
Chia seeds 200g BIO
Maca capsules - 100caps MACA VITAE®
Macamix 340gr. non sugar
Chia oil capsules (100x500mg)
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