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Stevia, the natural sweetener
Stevia, the natural sweetener
The natural sweetener, alternative to saccharine and artificial sweeteners. Its high sweetening power and its cero calories make it a suitable complement for foods, in diabetic problems and in weight loss diets. ... ....
 Inkanat 16/10/2015    Comments (1)
Agave: A Plant with Many Properties
Agave: A Plant with Many Properties
Agave is used in the production of tequila and for its medicinal properties: it controls diabetes, prevents colon cancer, osteoporosis and obesity, and is a diuretic, tonic and digestive. ... ....
 Inkanat 16/06/2015    Comments (0)
Chia seeds: information, properties and benefits
Chia seeds: information, properties and benefits
Chia seeds are and have been for several centuries an important source of nutrients; the effectiveness of the properties contained in these small but powerful seeds have been acknowledged ... ....
 Inkanat 30/09/2014    Comments (0)
Amaranth grain: the Cereal of the future
Amaranth grain: the Cereal of the future
Amaranth also known by the name Kiwicha, its use is customary in Peru, Mexico and Bolivia, Amaranth seeds provide a source of protein which other cereals canít satisfy as well in regards of its protein. ... ....
 Inkanat 17/02/2012    Comments (1)
Salmon Oil, excellent properties and omega 3
Salmon Oil, excellent properties and omega 3
Is a daily supplement rich in EPA and DHA Omega 3 fatty acids vital to our diet and essential for our body as they participate in the growth and development of our body, these nutrients are excellent for the general care ... ....
 Inkanat 16/11/2010    Comments (12)
 Cereals and grains

Grains of Amaranth BIO 500g
Amazonian Cocoa Nibs BIO (200g)
Psyllium powder BIO 200g
Sesame Seeds BIO 250g (Raw)
Golden Flaxseed (linseed) BIO 500g

   Superfoods powder

Tocosh powder 150g
Turmeric Powder, BIO (200g)
Guarana powder BIO 100g - PROMO
Flour of Carob BIO 250g
Red Beet powder BIO 200g

   Honey, Jellies and Propolis

Manuka honey 5umf 250g
Royal jelly ampoules, 1500 mg
Propolis Lozenges 500 g
Propolis Spray
Propolis Tincture (20ml)

 Natural sweeteners

Liquid Stevia 60ml
Yacon Syrup, BIO 130ml
Stevia Powder, 62g - GIFT WITH YOUR PURCHASE
Coconut sugar BIO 250g
Stevia tablets 250units - PROMO


Aloe Vera drink (juice bio) 1lt.
Organic Noni Juice 1L

   Tea and Infusions

Damiana Tea 100g
Yogi Tea 100gr.
Yerba Mate 250g - PROMO
Ceylan black tea 100 g
Rooibos, 100 g


Sea Spaghetti BIO 100gr
Agar agar BIO (Gelidium sesquipedale), 50gr
Dulse Bio kelp (Palmaria palmata),100 g
Nori seaweed BIO (Porphyra umbilicalis) 100gr.
Wakame seaweed BIO (Undaria pinnatifida) 100gr


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