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Products MACA
Maca Vitae en cápsulas vegetales 90x500mg.
maca 90 capsules
maca 360 capsules
Maca en polvo PREMIUM, fco. 240gr.
maca powder 240gr
1 Kilo maca powder
macamix non sugar
Liquid maca extract (10:1 concentration)
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MACA: The Inca's Sacred root


* Maca (lepidium Meyenii) is a radish-like root that grows only in the highlands of Peru.  This root has a rich nutrient profile - highly superior to many vegetables - read... Maca nutrient
* Maca is not a medicine; but has been used medicinally for centuries to enhance fertility and to promote vigor and energy. The Incas adored it for many centuries...see more maca

Scientific reaserches:

Many scientific reaserches have been made on maca because of the great interest to science that this plant arise:

  1. Lepidium meyenii (Maca) improved semen parameters in adult men (male fertility )
  2. Lepidium Meyenii (MACA) effect on sexual desire (libido)
  3. Maca and menopause (menopause)
Maca Forum: You can ask all your questions...about this wonderful Andean Root
Cosmetic Oils: The most powerful cosmetic vegetable oils for your beauty and wellness: Aceite Rose Hip, argan, jojoba , Sweet Almond
Argan oil  
  - Rosehip oil 100ml.
- Cold-pressed Rosehip oil 100ml.
- Rosehip oil 500ml.
- Argan oil 100ml
- Argan oil 500ml.
- Deodorized Argan oil 100ml
- Jojoba oil 100ml.
- Evening Primrose Oil (Primula)
- Avocado Oil 60 ml (cosmetic)
Natural Cosmetics
Mother of Pearl Cream 60gr Amazonas Snail Cream 60gr Shea Butter 200ml (pure & natural)
  Snake Venom cream (Amazonas)  
  Snake Venom cream (Amazonas)  
                        Essential Oils :
  - TEA TREE essential oil, 10ml
- BERGAMOT essential oil, 10ml
- PATCHOULI essential oil, 5ml
- LAVENDER essential oil, 10ml
Aloe Vera: One of the most powerful plants for your health and beauty. Buy our Aloe vera drink (1lt. juice), gel pure, cream.
  Aloe Vera:
  - Aloe Vera drink (juice bio) 1lt.
- Aloe Vera Gel - 99,5% pure - 250ml.
- Aloe vera+rosehip oil gel, 250ml
Bath & Cleansing: the best natural products for your bath and cleansing. Handmade soaps (aleppo, argan, rosehip oil), deodorants and many natural products for you.
  Handmade Soaps Exfoliators Deodorant   Bath Salts  
  - Aleppo soap 220gr, 5% laurel oil
- Rosehip oil soap (100gr)
- Aloe Vera Soap (100gr)
- Loofah glove
- Body loofah sponge
- Alum deodorant (natural deodorant)
- Alum stone (75gr. polished)
  - Andean Salt 1kg
- Himalayan bath salt, 1kg
Himalayan salt lamps
  - Natural Salt Lamp (small 2Kg)
- Natural shape salt candleholder
- Heart Shaped Salt Candle Holder
Natural foods
Lucuma powder 200gr.    
    Andean Salt, 350gr.  

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